Composer, singer, actor, activist Sting has won universal acclaim in all these roles, but he defies any easy labeling. He’s best described as an adventurer, a risk-taker. As he himself said, "I love to put myself in new situations. I’m not afraid to be a beginner." Husband and father of six, masterful guitarist and bassist, a devoted Yoga practitioner, and now a writer who is publish his memoirs in 2004, Sting has made a career, in fact, of new beginnings.

His latest CD, All This Time, recorded near his home in Tuscany and the first live album Sting has released in 15 years, marked yet another beginning. Transforming classics from his solo and Police careers, as well as highlights from his most recent album Brand New Day, the 2.5 million-selling masterwork finds Sting rediscovering his own music, the songs that form part of the soundtrack of our lives. In addition to this stunning live recording, Sting has put in other landmark concert appearances of late. His performing with renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma at the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics echoed the excitement at last years Super Bowl half-time show and his Central Park concert in New York City the year before. His surprise appearance in the London smash The Play What I Wrote, directed by Kenneth Brannagh, reminds us of Stings history of theatrical risk-taking, from his scene-stealing debut in Quadrophenia to his performance in the Broadway stage revival of the Brecht/Weill musical The Threepenny Opera to his audacious work in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The movies, also, have spotlighted his composing skills, with Kate and Leopold

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