Drummer and songwriter Roger Taylor was born in Kinglynn, Norfolk, England on July 26, 1949

In the mid-1960’s, Taylor met guitarist Brian May and along with Tim Staffell , they three formed the trio Smile. Smile had signed with Mercury Records in 1970 and released one single “Earth.” Staffell left the group and was replaced with his good friend Farrokh Bulsara as the lead singer. The new group becomes known as Queen and Farrokh Bulsara becomes known as Freddie Mercury. John Deacon then joined them on bass.

Queen’s debut album was released in 1973 with the self titled Queen. The album featured songs written by all four members of the band. The over the top, operatic style of the songs and performances built a cult following throughout Europe and eventually overseas and the 1974 releases of Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack were successful. Queen was soon one of rock music’s elite bands.

Over the next 10 years, Queen would write, tour and produce memorable albums. 1975’s A Night at the Opera reached #4 on the pop charts; 1977’s A Day at the Races reached #5; 1977’s News of the World reached #3. The band’s greatest success came with the 1980 release of The Game, which reached #1 on the pop charts.

Queen’s last album, Made in Heaven was released on November 25, 1995. Four years to the day after Freddie Mercury died of AIDS.

Taylor was the first member of Queen to try a solo career. In 1977, he released the unsuccessful single “I Wanna Testify.” In 1981 he released his first solo album Fun in Space and followed that with 1984’s Strange Frontier. Taylor formed his own band the Cross in 1986 and the group released 3 albums between 1987 and 1991. After Mercury died in 1991, Taylor returned to his solo career releasing Happiness? in 1994. Three songs from that album charted in England: “Nazis 1994”, “Happiness” and “Foreign Sand.”

As a member of Queen, Deacon was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003.

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